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Red Alert announces second group of "30 Under 30" winners

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Study: Millennials are choosing video games over getting a job

Just like millennials projecting to have one of the lowest voter turnouts in the presidential election a rising percentage...

Conservative student 'royally' trolls U-Michigan LGBT pronoun rule

Political correctness has gone wild on college campuses and while it has been considered a victory for social justice...

Black Trump voter: I won't be shamed into voting for Hillary

Pierry Benjamin has been a community activist for years working endlessly to better the lives of vulnerable people in...

No Justice: Clemson University bans Harambe memes

Not even a trigger warning can prepare students for the extreme offensive nature of Harambe The gorilla that was...

It's official: Millennials hate this election

If you thought millennials were unenthused by the prospect of voting in this upcoming election that would be a...

These 17 policy reforms for millennial women are flame

Regardless of which political party they identify with or which presidential candidate they support poll after poll has found...

#BlackLivesMatter "die-in" shuts down debate: 'Is #BLM harming race relations?'

Hundreds of Black Lives Matters BLM protesters invaded and disrupted an event at the University of Michigan held by...

Anti-Defamation League: 'Pepe' is a hate symbol like the swastika

The alt-right has had a recent obsession with Pepe the frog super imposing his image onto various memes a...

Poll: Virginia is for Johnson-lovers

One of Virginia's slogans is Virginia is for lovers but if Christopher Newport University's CNU new poll is accurate...

Liberal hypocrisy: California bans boycotting Israel, embraces boycotting North Carolina

Democrats are doing whatever they can to provide a safe space for Israel
On Saturday California Governor Jerry...

Martin Shkreli will let you punch him in the face - for a price

Martin Shkreli may be the most hated man on the internet
The hedge fund manager who became infamous...

Add Dunkin Donuts to list of things liberals say are "racist"

Social justice warriors have a new target and it's breakfast for millions of Americans
Buzzfeed reported on Monday...

Post debate: Hofstra College Republicans are 'Never Trump' - Exclusive

The author is the Vice President of the Hofstra College Republicans
The Hofstra College Republicans have been anticipating...

The Muslim case against Hillary Clinton

After watching Monday night's debate an overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans came away thinking it was absolutely inconceivable that...

We need new debate moderators -- not from NYC or DC

Lester Holt was supposed to ask questions to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that Americans were talking about at...

Space Oddity: Elon Musk is an out-of-touch welfare king

Millennials love Elon Musk The media portrays him as the epitome of the American dream -- a self-made billionaire...

Trump lost with the political class -- but won with voters

One topic that many pundits strategists and media outlets agree upon is that this is an unconventional election cycle...

High school teacher calls students 'racist' for supporting Trump

A Long Island public school teacher has been reassigned after school officials discovered a Facebook post in which she...